The Local Difference

The Yakima market was recently recognized as Washington’s fastest- growing economy for 2017.

What can Yakima locals do to retain this title for 2018? Invest in the local economy.

In an age of technology and easy online ordering we can get caught up in the corporate spending. Adding some mindful spending to your budget can lead to an overall benefit for the local small businesses.

Each customer and transaction hold a larger value to a local business.

Think Beyond

Not only will mindful spending benefit the local economy but your helping your neighbors. Local businesses are invested in their communities and support many local non-profits. They often have a smaller carbon footprint and utilize other local businesses. Each customer and transaction hold a larger value to a local business.

Where to start?

Yakima is filled with fresh local produce and often times the grocery store will even help identify what’s local for their shoppers. Next time you are putting together your grocery items, highlight a few products that you can buy from a local name.

  • Check out the Yakima Farmers Market on the weekend
  • Gifts for family, friends or coworkers can be bought throughout the year. Try looking for a unique gift at a local boutique near your neighborhood.
  • When you have your next craving to eat out, try a local restaurant in town or a local brewery hosting the Valleys delicious food trucks.
  • Join a local gym as a part of your new year’s resolution of being healthy.
  • If its coming time for your next oil change or engine repair look local for your mechanic needs.

Let us be your local choice for title and escrow services next time you purchase a home in beautiful Yakima Valley.

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