Winter Home Buying

In Yakima, December ended with more home inventory than any other month in 2018.

Consider This Your Season To Buy:

The winter months are traditionally considered a “slower time” for the housing market, but with high inventory it can be the best time to purchase your next home. For home buyers, consider this: Buyers can negotiate housing prices with less competition and see a property without the summer gleam. This may sound counterintuitive, but think about it, most homes are bought in the spring and summer while lawns are green and lush, gardens are flourishing, and roadways are entirely bare. Great for marketing but not completely accurate.

When a property is at its worst (in the winter), a buyer can grasp how snow or ice affects their property. Living in the Yakima Valley with snowfall lasting well into March, this can be a big deal. The cold months also bring on the heat, literally. Viewing a home in the winter will allow the potential buyer to see how the home is heated, or areas where heat escapes that may not be as evident during the warmer months.

Lower your moving expenses.

In the winter, truck rentals are typically lower than in summer months. This may be an important factor when assessing your budget before or after the holidays. The holidays also bring on sales. If you need to furnish a room in the new home or replace appliances, an after Christmas sale can be a solution to saving some more cash.

Buyers beware of the bad rap winter home buying has and get out there, your new home awaits.

Pacific Alliance Title is here to help make the home closing process the least of your worries.

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Cory Bemis
5 years ago

Great article Sara! Thank you for posting!