Larry’s Tips

The best way to begin learning a new skill is to speak with those who have mastered it. Becoming a real estate agent is no different. Pacific Alliance Title’s owner, Larry Goodman, is a third generation Realtor. Larry spent the first thirteen years of his professional career as a Realtor before starting his own Title and Escrow company. 30 years later, he’s become the subject expert. When he speaks, we listen.

Larry provides advice and expertise with eight tips to jump-start your Real Estate Business!

#1 Get to Know your Clients

As with many sales positions, it’s important to understand the wants and needs of your customers, instead of trying to fit them into what you want their needs to be.

#2 Network

Use your contacts, lots of networking, be involved in organizations and community service projects you are passionate about. This is not just about finding business. Be sincere in your work and stay active within the organization. Be focused on treating people right.

#3 Stay Motivated

Work hard; Real estate is not easy. Truly stay interested and don’t be concerned about just one transaction, always be looking ahead. Be willing to spend time and effort into your business. Set goals, achieve goals, and hold yourself accountable.

#4 Build a team

Develop a good team. This includes lenders, appraisers, Title companies, etc. People you can count on.

#5 Organize

Set up tools that help you stay organized from the beginning and then stay consistent with that process. Keep track of your customers and potential customers.

#6 Communicate

Ensure you understand everyone’s needs. Clear communication, by understanding how everyone on your team communicates. This is an emotional decision for many buyers and sellers.

#7 Stay true to your brand

Write down what you want your brand to be. Make sure your brand is consistent with each transaction.

#8 Find balance

It’s easy to get burnt out. Stay organized and manage your time. Let your professional life be second to your family. It depends what your goals are. What you want to accomplish. What determines your successes? What suits your personality? Do your goals need to change? Why did you become a realtor? Form balance around that.


Our goal at Pacific Alliance Title is to help people be successful. Tailor communication with our clients and work to make their life more comfortable in the process.

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