CertifID – Wire Fraud Prevention

Pacific Alliance Title doesn’t want you to be a victim of wire fraud! To help protect you and your assets, we’ve partnered with CertifID – the nation’s leading wire fraud prevention solution, to implement an additional level of security to your transactions.

HOW IT WORKS: CertifID is designed for transaction participants to securely send and confirm wiring instructions. By validating the identity of the parties in real time, CertifID’s process allows for us to confidently proceed in providing accurate wire instructions. This process helps protect you and your clients by insuring that closing funds are safely transferred and received.

Every transaction utilizing CertifID is backed by a $1,000,000 guarantee, at no cost to you or your clients.  With over $1.5 billion lost in the United States due to wire fraud in 2019 alone, CertifID is the ultimate solution to help combat this growing concern.

More information can be found on CertifID’s website, including a quick and informative video that walks through the entire process.

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