Super Star- Elizabeth Morgan

Elizabeth Morgan is a Title Officer for our Pacific Alliance Yakima, Washington branch. Previously, Elizabeth was a Florida real estate agent when she started to have an interest for the closing process! Elizabeth enjoys problem solving and helping clients achieve their real estate dreams.

Outside of the office, Elizabeth enjoys cooking real homemade food, knitting, sewing, completing crafting projects, and reading. When it comes to participating in any sport activity, Elizabeth laughs, “Oh Lord, no. I can’t hit the side of a barn with a basketball.”

When it comes to what Elizabeth is passionate about, she immediately thinks on where we are currently as a society. Elizabeth illustrates, “It feels like there is so much “us” vs. “them” in the world. It always sort of has been, of course, but I feel an obligation to help people understand each other. Maybe even respect each other, regardless of their differences.”

Having been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, Elizabeth is a survivor and continues to build a bridge of compassion. Elizabeth explains, “Something about the whole experience left me with a greater capacity to feel empathy.”

Elizabeth has a mantra she strives to stand by, and it comes from her previous boss: “when you talk to a customer, you are either adding to their stress or relieving their stress – so see if you can relieve them of their stress.”

Elizabeth’s accomplishments and achievements as an employee of Pacific Alliance make us extremely fortunate to have her as part of our team.

Contact Pacific Alliance Yakima if you’re purchasing or selling property in Yakima County. Elizabeth would be happy to put her experience and superior customer service skills to work for your transaction.

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