Real Estate Tip of the Week: Digital Doesn’t Mean Impersonal

Real Estate Tip of the Week: Digital Doesn’t Mean Impersonal

Real estate is having to keep up with technology and it becoming a barrier in relationships.

Digital closings rose significantly amid COVID19; remote closings kept the real estate world ticking, but its left real estate agents wondering how they can continue fostering their networks and connections, if there’s no face-to-face interactions.

Regardless of COVID, digital closings were bound to happen – it’s just happened at an exponential rate that many agents were not prepared for.

Here are some tips to keep your digital closings personal:

Video & Live Chat

If possible, include video and/or live chat features for interacting and closing sales with customers. These can help increase engagement with potential and current clients while handling the process remotely.

Explain, Explain, Explain

Clients are more likely to ask questions to clarify things in person rather than over a video chat. Be sure to carefully explain each document and signature needed. Open the floor for them to ask questions and be sure to allow for plenty of time for interaction while closing.

Offer a Pre-Closing/Post-Closing Video Chat

Prior to the closing date, a title or escrow agent will send the signer the digital closing package. Let your clients know that you are available to go over a virtual consultation video to ease any anxiety or confusion your clients may have before the eclosing.

A recent study found that 2 in 5 people described buying their first home as the “most stressful event” of their lives – help ease this stress!

As a real estate agent, it’s your job to help your client through the entire process of a home purchase or sale – and with the swift change in digital closings, your guidance is even more important!

For more real estate tips, stop by Pacific Alliance Title’s Blog.

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