The Love/Hate Relationship Between Homeowner and Home

The Love/Hate Relationship Between Homeowner and Home

Before and after becoming a homeowner, there’s a checklist created of wants and needs that they hope their home has – obviously, not all home transactions will complete the entire checklist for the homeowner.

What are features that homeowners seek for their homes, and what are attributes that contribute towards their dissatisfaction towards their home?

According to Sears Home Services recent survey, more than 1,000 consumers helped answer the question.

Here are the features homeowners seek:

  • Security and safety – 54.4%
  • Location – 52.7%
  • Part of the home dedicated to relaxation – 51.4%
  • Privacy – 49.3%
  • Size – 46.4%
  • Living situation (housemates) – 45%
  • Outdoor space (garden, balcony, etc.) – 43%

Features that stress homeowners:

  • Noise level – 26.7%
  • Size – 24.9%
  • Proximity to other homes – 22.8%
  • Pests – 21.6%
  • Design choices – 21.6%
  • Lack of privacy – 20%
  • Lack of outdoor space – 20%

The survey also dived into what helped create the “Habit of a Happy Home” –

So, do you agree with what features make your home happy and/or frustrated? Do you contribute to any of the above “habits” to create a happy home? Voice your comments below!

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