Real Estate Tip of the Week: Are You Utilizing Facebook?

Facebook isn’t a new marketing tool by any means – but there are still various (and fun!) ways to interact with potential clients. Are you using Facebook to its fullest potential?


Facebook loves videos. The company’s algorithm favors this media – so they definitely give you quite the pull you need in terms of engagement.

But don’t worry! You don’t need to have professional video editing skills to post. Simply using your smartphone and shooting tours of your listings or sharing real estate tidbits would do the trick.

Posts & Questions

Honestly, the shorter the Facebook post, the better. Stats point to shorter posts doing better than those wordy ones. For example, posts with 40 characters receive 86% more engagement than others.

What’s the best way to increase engagement on a post? Ask a question! Getting your audience to talk and discuss about what’s going on the industry is a great way to receive comments and likes. Just don’t forget to respond to them!

Call to Action

Facebook’s feature is right next to your toolbar that contains the “Like,” “Follow,” and “Share” buttons on your page.

This call-to-action button can be edited and tailored to fit your business – you can have people email you, message you, or direct them to your website, among many other actions. Here’s a tutorial from Facebook on how to update.

There you have it! Simple, fast, and fun updates to take right now to your Facebook page.

For more real estate tips and advice, stop by Pacific Alliance Title’s Blog.

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