It’s Moving Time! Homeowner Guide

If you’re in the process of selling your home, you’ll need to hop to packing. And no one likes packing – especially if you’ve been putting it off! But we’ve got the checklist and tips for you to use and get things ready to go.

Two months before your move

This is a good time to start separating what you would like to keep for your move and what you would like to donate or sell. Make an organized list and separate the two – begin making donation trips or uploading your items to online marketplaces.

Researching moving companies is also a great idea, especially if you’re stressed about the bigger items in your home. If you plan on moving forward with a moving company, you’ll want to have them confirmed and scheduled hopefully a month before your move.

During this time, you’ll also want to make sure you’re acquiring all of the packing materials that you need: boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc.

One month before your move

Begin packing up items you won’t need to use right away – seasonal clothes, home décor, etc. When it comes to packing up food, begin strategizing on using up food items you don’t want to take with you.

You’ll also want to reach out to a couple of different people before your move: the utility companies and bills you have in your name, and if you’re in a rental, you’ll need to talk to your landlord about your move and your lease.

Weeks before your move

Don’t forget to update your address on USPS’ website, and notify any banks you have accounts with.

Now you’ll need to start packing with more urgency. Pack up all of your leftover items in your home and keep things as organized as you can by room. Writing on boxes might benefit you to know what boxes go where when you arrive at your new place. A key tip is to pack away things you use daily (toothbrush, makeup, shower supplies, etc.) in a suitcase to use as an easy grab instead of pillaging through boxes!

Day before your move

If you have any important documents that are needed for your move, make sure you have those organized and in a place that’s handy for you to grab if need be.

Check all cabinets, closets, and your garage for anything accidentally left. Clean your home and properly dispose of your cleaning tools and materials.

Day of your move

Be there with the moving company (if you hired one) when they arrive. Explain any items that need extra care in the transition.

Say your goodbye to the lovely home you once had, and embrace the exciting adventure of what lays ahead of you!

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