Keeping the Distance: Homeowners Want Space

If you told a homeowner back in 2019 that in two years they’d instead be searching for a neighborhood further away from downtown, they would have told you you were crazy.

But boy, hasn’t that turned out to be the case.

According to Pew Research, the percentage of homeowners preferring to live in a community with larger homes and greater distances to schools, restaurants, and retail stores, has gone up 7% since 2019.

Check out Pew Research’s infographic below:

Homeowners aged between 30 and 64 are more likely than those under 30 to prefer wider spaced communities.

Current and potential homeowners are looking for houses that are larger and farther apart, and are willing to sacrifice the distance between downtown amenities. While the pandemic does play a larger part in this shift, we’ll have to keep an eye out in these changes as more vaccinations roll out.

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