Here’s why you should start utilizing video marketing this spring

So you’re starting to build a strong social media presence. You engage with your followers, charismatically represent your brand and post regularly. These are all great ways to maintain media platforms, but there’s one piece you might be neglecting: using video.

Video is becoming increasingly important and effective to showcase what you have to offer. In fact, people are watching video online more than ever, leaving marketers of all kinds confident in the ROI. This advice should apply to all of us in real estate, too. If you want to showcase your listings in a way that motivates buyers, do it with video.

Three out of five home shoppers say they are willing to purchase a home solely after a virtual showing. Homebuyers have enjoyed going virtual to keep up with the rapid pace of the market while sellers are able to receive more clicks on their listing. Virtual video showings are a route to the closing table you don’t want to miss out on.

Tips on how to produce videos people will stop to watch

  • Lure with content. Start by considering questions from your audience and sources that you think will be helpful. Once you have an idea, use research from other real estate professionals to build upon it. Keep an eye on trends in real estate and use those topics to attract and engage followers.
  • Light up the room. Something as simple as a ring light will make your videos look exceptional and help showcase your professionalism. Natural sunlight is also a great source, just make sure the sun is shining towards your face to prevent shadows.
  • Listen for the quality of your audio. Test a sample of your audio before shooting an entire video with it. Is the microphone angled towards your face? Are you speaking loud enough? If you are struggling to hear your own content, it’s likely that your audience is not going to put in the effort to listen.

Video is the perfect vehicle to answer common client questions, share testimonials and show listings to captivate your audience. If you want to catch the attention of a potential homebuyer, don’t skip out on using video.

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