Why LinkedIn now is much different than you may remember

With constant improvements to technology and changes to digital marketing strategies, it can be difficult to keep up with the best ways to represent your business online. We’re sure you are working hard to build your social media presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but have you considered the importance of LinkedIn?

If you haven’t checked it out lately, you should. LinkedIn is finally the social media platform it wanted to be after 19 years. It’s not just for people looking for jobs. It’s an engaged community of thought leaders in every industry ready to share ideas. It’s the perfect place to showcase your professional content. By utilizing a company page, you can promote your core values, educate potential clients and increase the credibility of your brand.

Whether you want to connect with other professionals or present your brand to potential customers and young homebuyers, this is a platform you don’t want to overlook. Here are a few things you can do to boost your presence on LinkedIn.

  • Don’t skip out on the “About Us” page. The description you write about your company provides visitors with everything you want them to know. It may seem simple, but it’s an important step if you want others to invest in your profile. It’s also an easy way to showcase your unique brand and voice.
  • Post consistently. Companies who post weekly experience twice the amount of engagement. While the quality of your content is important, it’s just as crucial to keep releasing a steady flow of content. Your audience will become familiar with your content and even begin to look forward to it if you make a commitment to post on the regular.
  • Invest in growing your audience. Paid promotion is always an option to boost your page, but there are also opportunities to grow organically. LinkedIn gives you the option to invite first-degree connections to follow you and to even target your posts to a specific region, language, company size or industry.

Looking for more ways to optimize your page? Check out this article from Hootsuite. And don’t forget to connect with us on LinkedIn! We can’t wait to see how you implement these tips.

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