Don’t Overlook Gen-Z!

When it comes to prioritizing a target audience in real estate marketing, Millennials are stealing  the show. However, there’s another generation getting their foot in the door of the home buying market that you should be paying attention to: Gen-Z.

Millennials (born between 1981-1996) and Gen-Z (born between 1997-2012) are often grouped together as the young generations, but there are some important differences in the ways they use money and interact with brands that you should know about.

  • Gen-Z has interacted with digital technology since birth. This has conditioned them to prefer digital advertising and expect digital services.
  • Gen-Z prefers visual communication, especially video.
  • Growing up in a recession has encouraged Gen-Z to exercise pragmatic tendencies.
  • While both generations value authenticity, Gen-Z is obsessed with finding brands and business partners that they share ideals with.

With those distinctions in mind, it should be easy to see that digital marketing will be a crucial part of catching the attention of Gen-Z. Here are some specific ways that you can include them in your marketing strategy.

Be active on social media

Along with using mobile devices, Gen-Z loves social media. This goes beyond entertainment and keeping up with friends. Utilizing social channels may be the start to reaching this younger audience. Once they get to know your content and brand, it’s likely that they’ll want to partner with you in business.

  • Create visual content – Gen-Z is big on YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat. They clearly gravitate toward video platforms. Visual media needs to be in your marketing strategy if you want to reach this group. While media campaigns are a great idea to gradually build your brand, an easy way to start being active is to post virtual tours and listing videos.
  • Be willing to engage – Using social media goes beyond posting. Gen-Z is an interactive audience and they want to engage with you. They will expect responses to their questions from both direct messages and comments on media platforms. Use this as an opportunity to have a conversation about the home buying process. Consider posting polls and live streams to receive feedback from those who aren’t reaching out to you directly.

Invest in your branding strategies

If you want to win the trust of Gen-Z, promote your brand. They want to know your personality and what you stand for before they invest in your business. Consider sharing how your company started, what makes you unique and what your values are. As long as you’re intentional about revealing some character and authenticity, soon enough your professional skills will be respected.

Understanding each audience will help you use the right campaign through optimized social channels and Gen-Z is one audience that will only keep growing. We hope that these tips will help you optimize your digital presence and open you up to new business opportunities. Make sure to connect with us along the way, as well!

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