Survey shows just how valuable being neighborly can be

Whether it was because of Mister Rogers or State Farm, all of us know that good neighbors are worth their weight in gold, but did you know bad ones are hard to avoid?

At least that’s what a recent survey by LendingTree found. Living next door to someone who you don’t get along with can be a terrible experience. On the other hand, when you live next to people that you really like, it makes life at home that much more enjoyable. 

Here are three figures to highlight from the findings.

  • 74 percent of Americans are friends with at least one of their neighbors. (That’s the good news.)
  • Almost the same amount (73 percent) say they don’t like at least one person around them.
  • More than 1 out of 10 respondents admitted they moved because they didn’t like a neighbor – and another 27 percent of people said they have thought about doing so.

The top three reasons people reported they didn’t like their neighbors: They’re too loud, they’re too rude and the general catch-all “they give off a weird vibe,” which occupied the top spot. Our team took away a couple of things from this survey for buyers and sellers.

On the selling side, if YOU DO like all your neighbors, mention that in your listing. It’s worth more than you know. Talk about what makes the people and the neighborhood so special. It could be what brings you the most attention. 

For our buyer friends, when you move into a new home, introduce yourself to those around you (and be sure to welcome those who move into the area after you). You’ll immediately cast yourself as the friendly one. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t connect with everyone right away – you’re certainly not alone – as this survey just taught us.

When buying a home, you may not be able to pick your neighbors, but you can pick your title company. Trust us when we say we strive to be neighborly to all our customers and friends. Plus, we promise to only give good vibes during your entire title and closing experience. In addition, we want to thank all our customers and partners. We may not live right next to each other, but you’re all good neighbors in our book!

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