Move Over, Millennials

There’s already a new generation to know about when it comes to real estate. Meet Gen-Z (oldest members are 25), and the group is already making a “growing splash” when it comes to home sales. So how exactly are these 20 somethings different from Millennials? We’re glad you asked!  

  • Gen-Z has interacted with digital technology since birth. This has conditioned them to prefer digital advertising and to expect digital services.
  • Gen-Z prefers visual communication, especially video.
  • Growing up in a recession has encouraged Gen-Z to exercise pragmatic tendencies.
  • While both generations value authenticity, Gen-Z is obsessed with finding brands and business partners who they share ideals with.

So, what is the best way to connect with these young buyers? Of course, being active on social media and having digital tools is important, but so is showing what you (and your brand) care about in the community. Gen-Z wants to get to know you and learn what you stand for before they choose to partner with you. We know we work with some of the best real estate professionals in the business, and they should too.

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