5 ways Realtors can keep business hot

This summer has certainly been full of opportunities and challenges. We know a lot of our real estate friends are still staying busy while also focusing time and effort on dealing with the changing market. We’ve said before here that it’s hard to predict exactly what the future will bring (though many have tried).

That’s why we put together a list of five things our great Realtors – and really everyone else in real estate – should be doing, no matter what happens during the next few months. Hopefully, some of these points are things you’re already doing, but we hope you find value in the entire list. 

  • Make sure you know your stuff. We know we work with some of the best agents around so you’re probably already on top of this one, but let this serve as a reminder. Your buyers and sellers are looking to you to be the authoritative voice when it comes to both the local community and all the steps that go into completing a transaction. Make sure you’re up to date when it comes to required contracts, current market conditions and more. You’re looked at as the expert. Make sure you’re ready to fill that role. Of course, we’ll be there at the end to help you, too!  
  • Mine for leads. Remember this? Your lead pipeline is more important than ever, and it’s probably been awhile since you truly needed to focus on winning business. However, it’s important not to go into this exercise blind. Do a deep dive into where you get your leads from and focus your energy there. It’s always important to work smarter when you can.  
  • Act fast. Don’t lose those hard-earned leads by not following up in time. In today’s high-speed environment, people expect a response fast. Going digital only heightened this need for speed. Whether you choose to use a chatbot or you schedule an hour into every day to manually answer leads, find a way to respond to all inquiries promptly. Any missed one could be an opportunity lost.   
  • Keep delivering top-notch customer service. You could do everything else right, but if you don’t deliver an amazing customer experience, you risk the success of your business. The last two years have redefined what the customer experience looks like, and there’s no going back. Millennials, Gen-Z and pretty much everyone else these days want to know they’re partnering with people who have their best interests in mind. With review sites at their fingertips, they’re quick to rate you on how well you provide high-quality service.  
  • Always stay top of mind. How often do you check in with your leads or talk to your past clients? Your answer better be at least once a month. To help, try to connect with at least five fresh people every day. This is not only vital for potential clients but also for referrals.

Our teams are ready and able to assist you in every way possible. We take great pride in being your title and escrow provider, and know that, together, we can keep doing great things. Reach out to us whenever you need us!

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