3 reasons why internal communication is key

Normally, this is a space where we offer tips on how to talk to potential customers and the public about all of the great things you and your teams do, but today we’re doing a 180. It’s time to talk about how you communicate internally with your team or – if you’re a lone ranger – your most trusted partners.

As many markets are doing these days, we are paying attention to industry news. There’s no denying there’s been negativity out there regarding how affordability, interest rates and inflation are affecting our industry. Regardless of how you’re doing right now – your team members deserve an open communication line and transparency from their leader.  

  • If you’re not talking, someone or something else is filling that void. Don’t let that happen. As with all of our marketing advice, it’s important to tell your own story as we head into the fall season. Whether you’re thriving or business is cooling off like the autumn weather, those who rely on you deserve to know. 
  • A united, clear message keeps your team on track. As we’ve said, all of us must acknowledge that there is some uncertainty out there when it comes to real estate. Even if your messages aren’t always rosy, it’s important to communicate changes and updates to everyone who needs to hear them in a strong, concise way. 
  • Internal communication includes what’s said in job postings, too. We’ve been talking about the importance of core values and workplace culture for a while now, but we wanted to hit on job postings in particular here. If you’re still in a position to hire, it’s imperative that you communicate why and how joining your team is a great move. Talk about benefits and those company pillars in external job postings and with your current team.

If you’re looking for advice on how to start communicating better with your team, click here. We know there are a lot of reasons our real estate partners stand out from the crowd. You just need to make sure you’re consistently sharing why, whether you’re talking to a potential new customer, a loyal partner or a longtime employee.

Here’s the bottom line. Never miss a chance to build your brand – even with those who are in the office with you!

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