3 ways to build an attitude of gratitude

As we’ve said before, fall is always a great season to reflect and remind ourselves that we have plenty to be thankful for. Even when times are challenging, it’s important to appreciate all we have. Our teams love our customers and communities, and we work hard to show that gratitude every day.

From the time we are tots, we are taught to thank others for their kindness, but gratitude is so much more. It’s acknowledging things that are going well in our lives and understanding exactly what that means. Practice makes perfect and continually choosing to return to gratefulness can make you a pro because, as the article so aptly puts it, “Gratitude builds over time.”

We are grateful that you are a part of what makes us…well, grateful. Since the leaves are falling, a season of thankfulness is upon us. Check out these three actions that can help you build gratitude muscles!

  • It starts with three. As in try to remind yourself of three things you are thankful for each day. It’s the perfect way to actively appreciate. When that practice becomes a habit, add a few more. You might even write these down for future reference, which brings us to our next tip.
  • Write what’s right. Keep a journal. Writing requires us to use different parts of our brains. Jotting down ideas about happiness and joy gives us a record to read during the tough times.
  • Share your thankful thoughts with others. Each week, choose someone important in your life, and say thank you. Whether it is a spoken or written word, a small gift or meaningful gesture, show your person that you appreciate them. To all of you reading this now: Thank you for being part of our team!

If the points above seem overwhelming, just pick one! The others will follow. We are thankful for the opportunity to help others through the title process. It’s always a gift to be a part of someone’s big day.

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