3 ways digital tools can upgrade the open house experience

Even as in-person showings returned over this past year, technology and virtual home tours remain part of what our REALTOR® friends do. That’s great for both our transaction partners, and shared customers. Everyone uses the internet during their home search, and we need to meet our clients where they are. 

However, today’s message focuses on how our agent friends can use digital tools to elevate the traditional open-house experience in 2023 and beyond. Consider it a combination of the best of both worlds. Here are three tips we love.  

Upgrade to a digital sign-in program. Today, there are more options than the pen and pad of paper at the entryway of a home, and they’re all designed to save you time by making following up and capturing leads easy! Bonus: No more worrying about unreadable handwriting, either. Many people like a program called Open Home Pro – and have for years – but there are other options, too. Another app that comes highly recommended is Curb Hero.  

Incorporate virtual reality into your in-person experience. If you’re already using virtual reality to show a listing’s potential, that’s great. But use those efforts during your physical open houses as well by giving yourself the ability to create a “digital twin” of the home people are already exploring. Options recommended by Inman are MatterportiGuideEyeSpy360 and more.

Keep doing what you’re doing on the digital side. Even as in-person regains popularity, be sure to keep doing everything you’ve done on the digital side of things. Create video tours promoting upcoming events, go live during an open house to show the interest in a property and do a recap of especially popular outings after the fact. We’ve talked plenty about the importance of video marketing before, and here’s a great way to put all that advice to good use. 

To our agent friends out there, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for you in 2023. To potential buyers and sellers, don’t be surprised when your next open house experience is a bit different than it has been in years past. Trust us, that’s a good thing.

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