3 reasons a handwritten note can help you hit a home run

Listen, our teams love to be on the cutting edge for our customers. We’ve invested in plenty of tools and resources to help make your transactions smoother and more secure, and there’s no doubt that technology makes almost every part of our job easier.

But this post is about none of that. As much as we love sharing digital marketing tips with you, this message is about the power of handwritten notes. Such a note exudes a personal touch that digital communications often lack and can help you leave a lasting impression. After all, personalization is key for real estate transactions. Home buying and selling can be an emotional journey, and clients appreciate agents who take the time to connect with them.

So, grab a pen, shake out your hand, choose your cards or paper and get out your Rolodex. Here are three things to keep in mind as you get ready to write.

Embrace authenticity

By sharing a heartfelt observation or expressing sincere appreciation, you create a meaningful connection that transcends the limitations of digital communication, fostering a deeper and more memorable bond with the recipient. Avoid using cliché phrases or generic templates – those can be said digitally. Instead, personalize each note with specific details that will really resonate.

It’s all about the message, not the penmanship.

This is really an extension of our first tip. We know some of you started sweating when you saw the title of this blog, but don’t stress about your handwriting. You’ve heard, “It’s the thought that counts,” and that message certainly applies here. Your friends and clients will appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort behind your message, even if your handwriting isn’t picture-perfect. 

Remember, timing is everything. 

An essential aspect of making a real impression with your handwritten note is sending it promptly. (If it’s a holiday or birthday greeting, being on time is extra important.) Don’t wait. Send your note within the first three days following your interaction with a potential client. Your timeliness shows attentiveness and commitment and will be greatly appreciated.

Any occasion can be an excuse for writing a note – following up on a lead marking, a holiday, celebrating a milestone or simply reaching back out are all great reasons to share your gratitude with others. Now, you just need to do it.

Thank you for choosing us to be your closing and title partner. Our teams are always ready to show you and your clients how much we care. We appreciate you – and enjoy repeating that sentiment using every avenue we can, even the “old-fashioned” ones.

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