4 summer tips to help your home shine

We all know about a good spring-cleaning list. Maybe you’ve just finished those tasks, but how much thought have you given to ensuring your home isn’t just clean, but ready for summer? As we know, time just keeps marching on.

Don’t get us wrong. There’s plenty to love about the fast-approaching season, and our teams want you to enjoy it to the fullest! That’s why we’re presenting you with these four summer home tips to use – whether this is your first summer in a new home, or your 50th.   

Consider a good power wash everywhere. Power washing cleans exterior surfaces, revitalizes their appearance, and removes accumulated dirt and grime. It helps eliminate dirt, stains, and mildew from siding and other exterior surfaces, and helps maintain the structural integrity of your home. It can also make decks, patios, and driveways look pristine again. Of course, follow safety precautions while using a power washer, and consider a professional if you’re uncomfortable doing this activity on your own.

Inspect your HVAC system. Or call someone out to inspect it for you. Replace the air filter, clean around the outdoor unit and test the thermostat – and if it’s been a while since a professional evaluation for that system, schedule that appointment, too. Many of us won’t have a more important appliance this summer than the air conditioner (not counting the freezer to hold ice cream). So, of course, it’s imperative that it works.   

Check your batteries. We’re not just talking about smoke detectors either, though if it’s time to check those, please do. However, there’s a good chance your thermostat is battery-powered, and now’s the perfect time to replace that power pack, too. It’s also the ideal time to replace the batteries in any devices or toys you know will get lots of use this summer.   

Don’t forget about the exterior of your home. By taking time to prep your outdoor spaces, you can create a welcoming and beautiful environment ripe for entertaining – or simply relaxing. Be sure to clean, repair or replace outdoor furniture for comfort and longevity. Inspect and maintain grills and barbecues for safe and efficient use, and trim trees and shrubs to let your outdoor spaces shine even more.

The bottom line is that implementing these four essential tips for summer home maintenance will ensure your home remains in optimal condition throughout the season and through 2023. Like with most things in life, a little time taken now will certainly pay off in the long run. You’ve trusted our title and closing professionals to help you into your home, and we want to help you enjoy it for years to come. 

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