3 tips to make sure your listing photos stand out!

The modern real estate market thrives largely on online listings, and when prospective buyers scroll through various properties online, photographs typically provide the first impression of a property. While video, virtual tours, and even drones may be the new tools to capture a viewer’s attention, great photos are still key to unlocking a listing’s true potential.

But what should homeowners, REALTORS®, and any property photographer remember before clicking that camera? We’re glad you asked. We’ve covered the importance of practice, investing in the right equipment, and not forgetting about editing before. Still, our teams wanted to provide more tips you can put into practice right now after reading this article.  

Spotless presentation is imperative. In high-resolution real estate photography, there’s no hiding anything—dust on a mantle, a stray stain on the carpet, or slight discolorations will all be glaringly obvious in photos. As a result, ensuring the property is immaculate is vital. Though some imperfections can be rectified later, starting with a pristine space is always recommended.

This also means decluttering the space before snapping the picture. Personal mementos might evoke warmth and nostalgia. However, they often clutter an image, detracting from the property’s inherent features. After all, you want to present the property as a blank canvas where potential buyers can visualize their own belongings.

Don’t forget about factors you can’t control. Yes, this is about the weather. You probably check the forecast for the day of the shoot, but don’t forget about the conditions leading up to your photos. Why? External events like recent storms can mess up a yard or landscaping, diminishing the property’s appeal. Similarly, snow or fallen leaves can affect how a property is presented. Always aim to schedule shoots when the home, and its surroundings, look their absolute best.

Do one last walkthrough before you start shooting. Little things make a big difference when it comes to photos, so do a final sweep to ensure everything is in order and how you want it. Pay attention to features you want to make sure look good – curtains, beds, windows, etc., and don’t forget to make the bathroom look presentable too. One piece of related advice: as you go room to room, review your photos to see if anything out of the ordinary is catching your eye. You can always shoot that room again.

The bottom line is that compelling photographs are the bedrock of successful listings. This trio of tips can help agents and photographers ensure their photos – and listings – shine for all to see. When it’s time to turn all that extra attention into a done deal, rely on our teams to help get your transaction to the finish line. After all, we always aim to make you look good.

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