3 ways to get more friendly Facebook reviews

As we’ve said before, Facebook is certainly alive and well when it comes to your digital marketing strategy. Not only is it still the top social media platform in the world – it’s also the perfect place to gather customer testimonials for your business.

Why? Because ratings and reviews appear on your business’s Facebook page for prospective clients to see as they search for the right real estate partner. In today’s digital world, if you have zero reviews, they will breeze right by. Real estate, after all, is all about trust, and reviews are a great way to build that.

We’ve often written that the best way to get reviews is to start simply by asking. It may seem daunting at first, but your happiest clients and friends will gladly do it for you. However, our teams haven’t focused solely on tips for Facebook reviews, so that’s what this blog is doing!

Make a few social posts asking for reviews. Yes, this is a specialized version of the “just ask” advice we’ve shared before. A gentle reminder to your followers and friends that you’d like a review may be just enough to convince them to leave you one. Plus, if they stop to view the post, they’re already on your page. Talk about making it as easy as possible!

Request a review in your last follow-up email. Whether you send a personalized or automated email to check in with buyers and sellers after a transaction is done, this is your last best chance to get a review. If you know the client was happy with your service, ask them specifically for a Facebook review talking about their great experience. Make it as easy as possible by providing a direct link to your page. Putting language soliciting a review in an automated text message or your email signature is a good idea, too.

Encourage clients to check in at your office or tag your profile in photos. When someone checks in at your business on Facebook, it shares the post with their friends and provides you with a potentially new audience. It will also keep your social media profile top-of-mind and make it even easier for you to ask for that elusive review.

Now that you know how to step up your Facebook review game, we have a favor to ask. Could you leave your favorite branch a review on its dedicated Facebook page? We thank you in advance and can’t wait to work with you and your clients again!

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