4 more reasons new construction homes are worth a look

In today’s market, as a shortage of existing inventory continues to challenge buyers of all kinds, new construction homes are a great option for many house hunters. We’ve written about the pros and cons of choosing a newly-built home before, but the topic is particularly timely right now as builder confidence continues to rise in 2024.

A myriad of factors led to this environment, but there are more new homes on the market proportionally right now in lots of places across the region than ever before, and they are certainly worth your consideration. (Plus, an extra shout out to our colleagues and partners in Bosie. You’re No. 5 on this list of best cities for new homes this year.) Here are four crucial aspects buyers and their agents should know when considering a new construction home.

These homes can be highly customizable. One of the most enticing aspects of these properties is the ability to customize them before or during development. Buyers can often select their own finishes, fixtures and, sometimes, even floor plans, ensuring their new home meets their needs and tastes. A new home also comes with all sorts of modern amenities and features. Think energy-efficient appliances, smart-home technology and other contemporary design elements.

Buyers will have fewer maintenance costs and repair needs. New construction homes give their owners peace of mind since everything, after all, is brand new. These properties have not endured years of wear and tear, translating into lower maintenance needs and fewer immediate repair costs for years to come. For buyers, this means saving money and avoiding the stress associated with unexpected repairs that often accompany older homes. Builders may even throw in a warranty for an extra layer of security. Why is this important? New homeowners often cite the cost of home maintenance as a surprise.  

A new home is more energy efficient than most older options. Today’s new homes are often built with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind, which isn’t just good for the planet—it’s also mighty beneficial for the homeowner’s wallet, too! Features such as energy-efficient windows, insulation, and appliances help reduce utility bills and create a more comfortable living environment.

New builds are often in great subdivisions. Where you live is about more than just the house itself. Today’s buyers want to love their neighborhood and the features it offers them. New construction homes are frequently part of thoughtfully planned and highly desirable communities with extra amenities like parks, community centers, walking trails, etc. The location of these new developments is often strategic, too, meaning there’s likely good access to transportation, shopping centers and schools. 

The bottom line is that there may be plenty of new construction homes for sale in your market—and every one of them could be worth considering. No matter what kind of home you or your buyers choose in the end, know that our teams are ready to walk you through the final stages of your journey home. A special note to our developer/builder friends: We can handle the title work for your projects, too! Reach out to your favorite branch today.

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