4 tips to put ChatGPT to work for you

A lot’s happening in real estate right now, and even that may be an understatement. Spring is here, title insurance has been in the news and how real estate agents – particularly on the buyer’s side – are compensated and function could change in the near future.

While any one of this trio of topics would make a good blog post – and we promise we’ll talk about all three in the coming weeks – our teams wanted to concentrate on a tool that can help our fellow real estate professionals during their busiest, most chaotic times. Yes, we’re talking about ChatGPT again!

Why? If you recall, we just wrote a piece on the value of title insurance with the assistance of this Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer (That’s where the GPT comes from.) While we provided a link to some tips in that piece, we thought discussing how to best use ChatGPT for yourself was worth its own blog post. After all, we’re always looking for ways to make our partners’ lives easier. So, here are four things real estate professionals should know before putting Chat GPT to work on listing descriptions, social media captions, scripts and so much more.

Specific prompts are key to getting what you want. Anything can be a ChatGPT prompt, but not everything can be a good ChatGPT prompt. If your request is detailed and specific, you’ll get a stronger, more relevant answer in return. In fact, you can even instruct the machine to write in a certain style or be more or less wordy, too.

It can mimic your tone – with a little help. If you’ve written plenty before–and want the technology to really sound like what you’ve written before–that can be arranged. All you have to do is feed it a couple of previously written pieces, and the robots will get to work duplicating your written voice. You can even tell the AI to act like a certain persona by instructing it to “act like a first-time home buyer” or “act like a real estate agent with ten years of experience selling luxury properties,” for example.

It’s a great content planning tool. Do you struggle more with the “ideas” side of content than the actual writing part? ChatGPT is here to help you, too! It’s a great way to generate full-topic ideas or be the perfect research assistant for an area you don’t know much about. In fact, it can be the ideal outline creator to help organize your thoughts. That’s not all. ChatGPT can help you with titles/headlines, slogans and creative names, too.  

Always review what the robots generate. Now it’s time for the needed disclaimer. No technology, especially one as new as ChatGPT, is perfect, nor should it be treated like it is. You should always read and edit any information before you attach your name to it – whether it comes from a human or AI source. Specifically, it’s important to note that ChatGPT has been described as biased, inaccurate (at times) and repetitive. You should also never use confidential information as part of a prompt.

Keep exploring the power of ChatGPT. It could be the perfect tool to help you keep things moving as your plate gets filled this season. When you and your clients need a human team of title experts backed by some of the best innovative tools in the business, we’re here for you! Reach out to us anytime.

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