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Safe, Secure, & Convenient

You can count on us! Pacific Alliance Title’s locations in Yakima County make your closing process uncomplicated and easily accessible. Each branch is staffed with attentive, socially-distanced, and proven industry professionals that are prepared to provide you with a personalized transaction. We want to keep you safe AND secure the home of your dreams! Local […]

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2020 Buyer & Seller Stats

2020 isn’t exactly what we were all planning on – COVID has altered buyer and seller statistics, and has also changed client motivation. As an agent, you’re used to curveballs; but it’s still important to understand what your buyers and sellers might be looking for as they maneuver through the journey of buying or selling […]

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Walk the Walk: The Path of Your Title & Escrow

Title and escrow jargon isn’t the easiest thing in the world to understand – we get it! But let us help. When you’re in the final stages of purchasing your home, you’ll get down to the nitty gritty aspects of your title and escrow process. Not only is your real estate agent there to help […]

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Earnest Money through EMTransfer

Practicing social distancing means practicing safety. At Pacific Alliance Title, we take pride in making sure our agents and clients are protected while they complete their home purchase. 98% of buyers use digital platforms – so it’s important to transform paperwork into “digital work”. Our online partner, EMTransfer, enables agents, lenders, buyers, and sellers, to […]

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Social Distancing and Business Growth

Even while COVID-19 continues to impact our daily lives, the housing market marches on. With various state restrictions in place to maintain social distancing, it might be difficult to reach your clients as you once used to. Check out our Resources and Tools: Our blog publishes frequent real estate market updates to the local area. […]

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Your Protection Against Wire Fraud – CertifID

Staying home doesn’t mean crime stops. Fraud is scary, but wiring funds shouldn’t be – our partnership with CertifID, the nation’s leading wire fraud prevention solution, protects your clients by providing a platform to securely exchange wiring information. CertifID gives clients peace of mind so they can focus on the things that matter most. Partnering […]

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CertifID – Wire Fraud Prevention

Pacific Alliance Title doesn’t want you to be a victim of wire fraud! To help protect you and your assets, we’ve partnered with CertifID – the nation’s leading wire fraud prevention solution, to implement an additional level of security to your transactions. HOW IT WORKS: CertifID is designed for transaction participants to securely send and […]

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Social Distancing Through the Life of Your Transaction

Although the world might be a bit different right now, Pacific Alliance Title is here to make sure you successfully close your transaction from the safety of your home. Check out some of our tools here: Use our eTitle Search for your property profiles Check out our Lender Express Quote and Seller Net Sheets for […]

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Virtual Meetings with Clients – Our Tips

With the new normal meaning sweatpants at home and working at the kitchen table, it’s time to prep for how you can help clients achieve their real estate dreams virtually. How does that look? Take a moment to check out our tips below: Prep the Materials Before you host your virtual meeting, be sure to […]

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Pacific Alliance Title’s Process During COVID-19

Check out our latest video below that details the precautions and necessary actions we’re taking to keep you and our employees safe during COVID-19.

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