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Real Estate Economy Seeing Highs

Real Estate Economy Seeing Highs   Real estate has seen its highs and lows – but 2020 rounded out as one of its highs. According to the Census Bureau, single-family housing was at its highest pace since 2006 in 2020; raising 12% in December. Matthew Speakman, Zillow Economist, comments on just how successful 2020 has […]

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Ski Town Purchases on the Rise

Ski Town Purchases on the Rise With traveling, comes great responsibility – at least, during the Covid pandemic. Travel restrictions due to the pandemic have changed the way many of us view “vacations.” A recent survey from Realtor Magazine found that the search of homes in ski towns have jumped 36% annually in the 4th […]

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Staging Your Home for the Modern Age

Staging Your Home for the Modern Age COVID brought the uptick of showing homes virtually – and even with vaccines rolling around, the real estate industry is pretty sure the whole “virtual” thing isn’t going away anytime soon. Virtual is convenient, easy, and quick, which makes sense why consumers would like this change! If you’re […]

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Real Estate Lingo

Real Estate Lingo If you’re currently shopping for a home, then you’ve probably ran across a couple of words or abbreviations that were a little confusing to you. All of the real estate verbiage can be a little hard to keep track of – but you’ve come to the right place! Check out some of […]

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Affordable Housing in Big Tech Cities

Affordable Housing in Big Tech Cities Amazon – one of the biggest tech companies in the United States – has announced to commit more than $2 billion to create and provide affordable housing at three of its main employment cities: Seattle, Arlington, and Nashville. Tech companies have been blamed for creating housing problems where they’re […]

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Homebuyers and Foreclosed Homes

Homebuyers and Foreclosed Homes You’ve been searching for homes, and you’ve been seeing foreclosed homes for sale – what does this mean, and how do you purchase one? Let’s look at the quick facts: Simple Definition Sadly, foreclosed homes are seized and put up for sale by the bank that gave the original owner a […]

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Leading with Social Media

Prospecting doesn’t have to be difficult! Generating leads can be fun, especially if you utilize social media. Globally, the average time a person spends per day on social media is 2 hours and 24 minutes* – and that’s plenty of time for you to personalize your business. KEEP IT BALANCED: Your social media pages should […]

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2020 Real Estate Wrap Up

The real estate market continues on, even as 2020 remains unpredictable. Check out the year’s summary of statistics and future insights for 2021 to prepare for successful closings! Mortgage applications are up 22% compared to 2019* 71% of homes have been on the market for less than a month** The MBA predicts 2021 mortgage prices […]

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Sending Thanks

As we approach the season of thankfulness, we’d like to stop and give our thanks to our remarkable and generous local communities. During this time of uncertainty, we appreciate your continued confidence and trust in us. Our socially-distanced branches in Yakima County value your business and enjoy building sincere relationships with each of you. Stop […]

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Employee Spotlight – Elizabeth Morgan

Elizabeth Morgan is a Title Officer for our Pacific Alliance Yakima, Washington branch. Previously, Elizabeth was a Florida real estate agent when she started to have an interest for the closing process! Elizabeth enjoys problem solving and helping clients achieve their real estate dreams. Outside of the office, Elizabeth enjoys cooking real homemade food, knitting, […]

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