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Age Matters: A generational handbook for listing agents

While we focus much of this blog on homebuying or the vital role our teams play when it comes to title and closing, this piece is centered on sellers – and how our REALTOR® friends can best cater to the needs and preferences of this group. However, it’s important to note that the motivations behind selling a home are as […]

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5 keys to homeownership in your first year

Owning your own place is definitely worth it, but it’s important to know – and plan for – the costs and other important responsibilities that come with homeownership. So whether you’re a first-time buyer (extra congratulations!) – or simply reading this piece for some extra advice or reinforcement, there are several challenges and aspects you should be prepared for during […]

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3 money-related steps for prospective buyers

Did you know April is National Financial Literacy Month? While we’re not financial advisers, it’s important that anyone who is preparing to buy a home anytime soon is well-versed in the money aspect of it all, so we gathered essential tips from the experts regarding saving effectively for your future home. Organize your finances. There’s a […]

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4 tips to put ChatGPT to work for you

A lot’s happening in real estate right now, and even that may be an understatement. Spring is here, title insurance has been in the news and how real estate agents – particularly on the buyer’s side – are compensated and function could change in the near future. While any one of this trio of topics […]

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5 ways to make your move less mad

Let’s get this truth out of the way. Any move you make can feel like mayhem if you’re not prepared. So that’s why our teams thought March – a month known for basketball madness – was the perfect time to present our readers with another list of moving tips, whether you’re moving this homebuying season or […]

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4 things today’s sellers should know

Selling a home is a big deal, regardless of what’s happening in the market. While 2024 should be a good year for many sellers, preparation is always key. While choosing the right agent to help you sell your home can make the process quicker, smoother and more profitable, there are plenty of other tips to know, […]

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3 reasons to be thankful for title insurance

We know title insurance isn’t the most exciting topic in the world, but it’s a very important one to us. That’s why we thought it would be a perfect time to talk about three reasons homeowners should appreciate an owner’s title insurance policy, especially during this Thanksgiving month. Dive into the many reasons title insurance […]

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3 pieces of advice to share with new homeowners

Writing this blog is all about sharing knowledge with our fellow real estate professionals, homeowners, and prospective homebuyers alike. It means we’re always looking for golden nuggets of wisdom and informative articles that benefit our readers. Why do we disclose this? Because one of our favorite articles over the last couple of years was this piece from […]

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4 things to know about owning a home

It’s a question always on the minds of potential first-time homebuyers – no matter what’s happening in the market. “Is it better to rent or own right now?” You can probably guess which side of this debate our teams normally end up on. However, this article featuring a couple who recently bought their first home is a […]

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3 fall tasks to do to prepare your home for winter

As summer winds down and the calendar moves into September, it’s important that homeowners make sure their home is ready for colder weather. Because fall in our area is such a bustling season, we thought we’d give you this checklist of things to do before winter inevitably arrives a little bit early in the season. […]

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