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Remember these 4 things when it comes to physical safety in real estate

We often use this space to talk about digital security, but we also care about everyone’s physical safety too! That’s why this piece focuses on precautions our REALTOR® friends, and others, can take when showing homes or meeting someone new.  Yes, each September is REALTOR® Safety Month, but with open house season in full swing, […]

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Why you should have a YouTube channel – and 3 stats to know

We’ve spent plenty of time talking about the importance of video when it comes to telling your story. You can’t ignore that it is one of the best ways to leave a lasting impression on customers and partners alike. In fact, our teams are working to incorporate video into our outreach efforts right now. Talk […]

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Larry’s Tips

The best way to begin learning a new skill is to speak with those who have mastered it. Becoming a real estate agent is no different. Pacific Alliance Title’s owner, Larry Goodman, is a third generation Realtor. Larry spent the first thirteen years of his professional career as a Realtor before starting his own Title […]

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