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Single Home Buyers & the Real Estate Market at Odds

Single home buyers might need more help in the real estate market. Check out the latest real estate stats, here.

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Nurture Client Relationships

Nurture Client Relationships With 75% of homebuyers choosing the first agent they interview*, it’s crucial to set a solid foundation of your business through various outlets. As an agent, you recognize that relationships are the key to unlocking leads with potential clients. Peek at some essential client relationship stats: 41% of homebuyers choose a real […]

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The Last Thing You Want is a Deal to Crumble

The Last Thing You Want is a Deal to Crumble FRAUD. FORECLOSURE. MISINTERPRETATION OF WILLS. As a real estate professional, you know the risks that homebuyers face. Owner’s title insurance not only helps your clients have peace of mind, but helps you too. Our title and escrow professionals make sure your transactions are in good […]

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Blooming Real Estate Stats

Blooming Real Estate Stats Spring has sprung in real estate! Buyers and sellers alike are heating up the market – check out the latest stats to hit the industry. Urban areas are the top location for MILLENNIALS, with the group citing convenience and commuting costs as their top concerns. 81% of all homes purchased continue […]

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