What is Title Insurance?

If you don’t really get what Title Insurance is, you came to the right place.

Different from other types of insurance that protect you against losses that may happen in the future, title insurance protects YOU, the insured, from matters or faults that occurred in the past that may affect your property.

Close scrutiny by the title insurer of property-related-recorded documents aids in the elimination of many possible hidden risks that can undermine the validity of home ownership.

While the possibility of unidentified risks still exist after a transfer of title, the purchase of a title insurance policy protects the lender and buyer from invalid claims made against the title of a property.

So, yes – title insurance is important!

Types of Title, Escrow, Purchased, & Refinance for All Properties:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • New Construction

A property title search is the process of retrieving documents evidencing events in the history of a piece of real property. It determines relevant interests in the property and includes the review of the documentation of ownership. A review of the public records – which are unique to the property – is made (based on public records). Real property taxes, special assessments, liens, encumbrances, easements, restrictions, covenants, and any other matter which would affect the property are considered. After consideration of all the pertinent matters, a commitment for title insurance is issued with the results of the title search shown.

What is Escrow?

An escrow, sometimes referred to as a closing, is an arrangement in which an impartial third party, called an escrow holder, holds legal documents and funds on behalf of a buyer and seller and/or lender. The funds are distributed and documents are recorded only in accordance with the written instructions received from the parties, thus consummating the transaction.

People buying and selling real estate often open an escrow for their protection and convenience. All parties rely on the escrow holder to faithfully carry out their mutually agreed upon instructions relating to the transaction, or to advise them if any of the instructions are contradictory or cannot be completed.

Once all terms and conditions of the written instructions have been fulfilled, and all closing conditions are satisfied, the escrow is closed and the transfer of property and money is accomplished.

All of our Escrow Officers in Yakima are LPOs (Limited Practice Officers), passed by the Washington State Board Association, certified to prepare and execute legal documentation in order to sell, transfer, or refinance real property.

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